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Accurate savings and an experienced installation team

Trico Energy Services Ltd. has developed proprietary, software engineered to eliminate all the guesswork in energy savings through lighting retrofits.

We verify energy savings in-house, regardless of your current billing plan and local utility rate structure. Factors such as time-of-use rates and general service billing plans have tremendous impact on energy-savings calculations. We provide a thorough breakdown of your current billing structure, and a comprehensive analysis.

To provide our customers with a smooth transition to energy-efficient lighting, we’ve trained our own staff to manage and install projects. With in-house installation, you get peace of mind that your job is done right and inspected thoroughly. Trico provides all liability insurance, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) certificates, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) permits, and recycling certificates. We also adhere to all governmental guidelines for health and safety while retrofitting your facility.

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