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Proud partners in Power Savings Blitz

Trico Energy Services Ltd. was asked to participate and implement the savOnenergy – Small Business Lighting program — an energy conservation program designed to retrofit small commercial businesses across Ontario. The program is subsidized by the Government of Ontario, and the service is free to qualified customers. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) governs and oversees this program.

The savOnenergy – Small Business Lighting program provides turnkey lighting and water-heating retrofits for small commercial businesses in the office and food subsectors whose electricity usage is less than 50 kilowatts of demand. This includes a wide range of businesses, including professional dry cleaners, medical offices, beauty salons, small industrial units and other small retailers. Participants in the program receive a free electricity assessment and energy-efficiency retrofits valued at up to $1,500 that will help reduce their electricity consumption and deliver savings on their electricity bill.

Trico has implemented the savOnenergy – Small Business Lighting program within the following utilities: Hydro One, Powerstream, Toronto Hydro, Enersources – Mississauga Hydro and Brampton Hydro One. This government program has been renewed until December 2014. With 15,000 awarded accounts to implement, to date 9,000 + have been installed. Trico Energy will continue to implement the savOnenergy – Small Business Lighting Program until program expires in 2014.

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